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Cotton Value Packs

Unmask your true style while you stay safe! Sustainable, breathable and softer with every subsequent wash - our intricately embroidered organic cotton or ‘Khadi’ face masks go beyond being just an effective health and safety accessory, to making an elegant statement as you step out into a new world. 

Nature-inspired motifs threaded in soothing colour palettes grace the magic that is Khadi, perfectly matching this artisanal fabric’s earthy and ecologically balanced qualities.

Made on the loom with an almost-zero carbon footprint using processes that are 100% chemical-free – Khadi is as close as we get to finding solutions for our planet from our planet. Self-adjusting when it comes to the weather owing to air pockets created naturally by its weave, a Khadi mask will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Perfect, ain’t it?

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