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Who makes our products

We at White Tree believe in transparency and empowerment so that when we grow, our artisans grow with us. Sourcing directly from weavers infuses infinite (though perhaps, invisible) value to our products by achieving two precious purposes – the upliftment of an often-underappreciated rural community and the revival of fast-vanishing craft treasures. As a small conscious brand, we believe in compassionately supporting the craft of these artisans as well as their livelihood with due acknowledgement, remuneration and development of their skill-set so that they can live a life of dignity and take pride in the traditions they single handedly carry forward.

Within the four walls of White Tree’s workspace, you will find our close-knit team of 35 ideating, designing, tailoring, embroidering and embellishing with one common purpose – to tell stories of tradition but with an eye to the future. Our people truly form the soul of White Tree – giving wings to every creative idea with the skill of their bare hands and elevating each piece with a level of finesse possible only when there is true and unwavering commitment to quality.

What makes our products

The answer is simple – Slow, sustainable processes that are empathetic to the Earth. All White Tree products are crafted from hand picked artisanal fabrics which carry immense ecological and cultural wisdom that is impossible to find in faster, machine-made alternatives.

Loom-woven, low carbon footprint handicrafts like Khadi and Chanderi, made using organic pesticide-free cotton, go a long way in meeting a suffocated planet’s needs of green and labour-intensive solutions. Possessing a unique beauty stemming from their characteristic natural irregularities, these artisanal fabrics offer us, the makers, a perfect canvas to tell stories of our craft; and you, the consumer, the opportunity to choose a more conscious, more inclusive way of life through the garments you wear.

How Are Our Products Made

A White Tree product’s journey from its birth on the loom to the design table, and finally on to becoming a finished piece, is coloured throughout by values of compassion, creativity and consciousness. From on-paper conceptualization of designs that embody our signature floral motifs and the careful selection of colours for every minute element; to the karigars painstakingly bringing this visualization alive using needle and thread; to each garment being cut, shaped and stitched with attention to the finest detail; to packaging the final product with a promise of minimum waste - we leave no stone unturned in making sure that the dedication with which we create is unmistakably evident in your garment when it reaches you. With each handcrafted piece made at White Tree, we seek to offer more joy to you, and a salute to the Earth.